Suzanne is perfect and has a perky personality.


Awesome, like [the] variety in every class.


Suzanne is super fun and has helped my balance.


Suzanne is Awesome.

Alice P.

Very knowledgeable and fun.

Linda W.

Suzanne is loving and caring. She is patient and makes sure we learn Tai Chi properly.

Laura C.

Suzanne is good in many areas.


Fun and good instruction.


I love Suzanne. The classes are thorough and well planned. I feel relaxed and replenished afterwards.

Alice C.

I say, 'BRAVO' to Suzanne and quality of how the class is taught.

Mary O.

Suzanne is zany, comic relief. You'll leave laughing. Instructor leads the Ageless Grace Brain Health class with childlike enthusiasm and lots of fun. I like the smaller classes at the Recreation Center.

Catherine P.

Suzanne and [the] quality of how the class is taught is excellent.

Edith D.

I think Suzanne is the best yoga instructor I've ever had (taken yoga for 20 years!). The class is professional and yet personal.


Janet E.

I've been doing yoga with Suzanne for over 2 years. Each week is different and utilizes various muscles of the body.


This class is wonderful for balance and flexibility. I look forward each week to new challenges. Yoga makes you feel so restored!
Mary S.

Suzanne is very personable and fun. Her classes are challenging but accessible by all!

My first great yoga experience led by Suzanne Tindol. This has been terrific!

We do a variety of gentle stretches and moves that are different each week - relaxing and healthy!

Careful, conscientious and caring - good workout yoga!

Helped my balance, sore muscles and strengthened my arms and legs!

Great Teacher, makes the class fun and educational!
Kathy G.
(attends Ageless Grace classes)

The day after my first session in Suzanne's 'Therapeutic Yoga class' I felt motivated to take a short stroll in a local park.  Since my neck was feeling less stiff, I found myself looking up at the trees instead of my feet and because my breathing was deeper, my steps were so much faster ... so much so that I could hardly keep up with myself.


In the past,  I had always been afraid to try yoga, especially after seeing pictures of yoga practicioners on their head or sitting in difficult positions. Therapeutic yoga in different. Exercises are done sitting in a chair or standing, with support available.  It is a stress-free class and every new movement has the health benefit explained.  Any props or mats  needed are provided.  Suzanne will ask you, before signing up, if you have any past or current medical condition so she can design the experience to meed your needs.  The classes are small, friendly and affordable.

Thank you Suzanne for getting me inspired!
Pat O.
(Ageless Grace and yoga classes)